Sunday, 7 August 2022

Ballachurry Reserve, 3rd August, 2022.

my first August visit to the Bird Hide at Ballachurry Reserve.

 Another Wednesday morning visit to Ballachurry Reserve. With cloudy skies and a cool breeze, everywhere seemed a little autumnal. Bracken changing colour to yellow, berries on the trees, ripening blackberries and two species of fungi along the paths. I had to remind myself that it was only early August. Later the sun came through intermittently and put a different complexion on things. Here is what I recorded:


SC210694  Wood Pigeon flying over; 

SC209694  Male and female/juvenile Blackbirds together in Rowan tree;  male Blackbird elsewhere; Great Tit; Juvenile Greenfinch  Juvenile Chaffinch; 2 x female Mallard; Great Tit; male Pheasant; Woodpigeon flying over. unidentified juveniles x 2

SC208694 6 x Goldfinch flying over; Sedge Warbler;  2 x Wren; Juvenile Siskin; Blue Tit; 2 x Swallow flying over; 4 x Swift flying over; 2 x Chaffinch

SC208695 Blackbird heard not seen;  Woodpigeon heard not seen;   2 x Juvenile Dunnock


SC209693  Speckled Wood; Meadow Brown

SC209694 Common Blue;  Speckled Wood

 SC208694 Speckled Wood; Small Tortoiseshell; 2 x Red Admiral; Unidentified White flying

SC209695 Speckled Wood


SC209693 Soldier Beetle

SC208694 Tachina grossa fly

SC208695 Hawthorn Shieldbug nymph on Rowan berries

SC209694 Marsh Cudweed growing in excavated part of new dragonfly pond

SC209694 2 x Leiobunum rotundum Harvestmen

SC209694 Hare's foot inkcaps along the paths

SC209694 Unidentified fungi with decurrent gills

SC208694 Soldier Beetle

SC209695 Great Pied Hoverfly + other unidentified Hoverflies

SC209695 Froghopper

SC209695  Leiobunum rotundum Harvestman

SC208695 various unidentified  flies

SC209694 Rhingia sp. Hoverfly.

SC208694 Flesh Fly? 

Sc209694 Flesh Fly?

SC209693 Hoverfly with another hovering above it. Eristalis nemorum?

SC209693 Common Wasp 

the Rowan tree near the pond is attracting lots of birds

female or juvenile Blackbird

juvenile Goldfinch

juvenile Greenfinch

same bird back view

Great Tit

another view of the same bird
juvenile Wren


Sedge Warbler

saying "tut tut" intermittently

2 female Mallards

juvenile Greenfinch

juvenile Chaffinch

one of two juvenile Dunnocks

second Juvenile Dunnock

 Juvenile Siskin

boardwalk with Loosestrife alongside

recent rain has put a little water in the new pond

usual view from the hide ramp

3 butterflies on the Hemp Agrimony at the same time

 Red Admiral

Small Tortoiseshell

here with wings closed

another Red Admiral

Common Blue

just a glimpse of the underwing

Speckled Wood in the grass

on a leaf

and on a thistle

new fungus along the path

cap starts circular then develops a more frilly outline

gills are very decurrent -ie. they run down the stem

Tar Spot fungus on sycamore leaves

Hare's Foot Inkcaps

I think this is a female Eristalis nemorum feeding on Cushag ( Ragwort)

the male was hovering above her in characteristic behaviour

occasionally he would drop down to touch her very briefly

unidentified hoverfly 01 Syrphus sp.?

A Marmalade Hoverfly

unidentified tiny flies

unidentified hoverfly 02

and 03

unidentified fly 04

Great Pied Hoverfly

unidentified hoverfly 05

and this may be a hoverfly too 06

a different view of 06

Tachina grossa on left, Hoverfly on right

Tachina grossa -a parasitic fly

another view of this huge fly

 I think this is a Flesh fly

and another elsewhere

two unidentified flies on Bracken

unidentified fly 07

a male Leiobunum rotundum Harvestman

a female Leiobunum rotundum Harvestman

a male Harvestman - Leiobunum rotundum

another male Harvestman - Leiobunum rotundum

Hawthorn Shieldbug nymph among Rowan berries

another willow split by gales

rushes flattened by recent strong winds

blackberries starting to ripen

Bracken turning autumn colours

not all the Rowan berries are yet ripe

Acorns starting to develop

Marsh Cudweed

Froghopper  - probably Philaenus spumarius

Soldier Beetle

Wolf spider carrying egg sack
Purple Loosestrife and white Sneezewort still looking good together

time to close shutters and go home - a girl has to eat!


With thanks to Neil Morris of Manx Birdlife for identifying the juvenile birds

please click on photos to enlarge them